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Battle Cries and clan quotes, post them here!

posted May 01, 2012 21:13:29 by ben3110
"We are the Imperator's chosen"
Imperator of the Legion
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darkskullknight said May 02, 2012 00:32:16
In response to the challenge of strangers, sport arose as a sublimated representation of a community's armed might as well as its pride of place and clan.- John thorn
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the greatest players aint always the best friends
darkskullknight said May 02, 2012 00:35:54
The success of the Rat Pack or the Clan was due to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other. - Sammy Davis, Jr.
the greatest players aint always the best friends
Cyb3rKat said May 02, 2012 23:36:48
Mechanised, ROLL OUT!
Lance Corporal
Mechanised Division
3rd Company
susskai said May 03, 2012 14:44:13
HAHAHAHAHAHA NOOB oh wait thats generalJB172......NOOB
Mechanized Divison
maybe the only asian in clan
darkskullknight said May 14, 2012 01:25:42
hmm im going to try my own
as we trust our leader we give him our loyalty and respect so does the leader but to gain his respect we must show that we will work hard for our leader proving our ranks and holding our ground and raise our guns in the air and say out loud "WE ARE LEGION FEAR OUR MIGHT. WE ARE LEGION TOGETHER WE STRIKE"
BY - Darkskullknight
ok so thats mine i randomely thought of
the greatest players aint always the best friends
ben3110 said May 17, 2012 18:46:19
Imperator of the Legion
DannyBarrett said May 20, 2012 16:14:02
Girl: "Hey, are you guys a clan?"
Ben3110: "No, we're just a group of people that like to play together"
VERY Redneck guy: "I call shenanigans too!"
Girl: "You can't call shenanigans, I already called it"
Redneck: "I can call shenanigans, if you can call shenanigans, i can call shenanigans too!"

Those were the days lol, we still joke about this stuff
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