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The Mechanized Division

posted May 01, 2012 14:09:39 by ben3110

Post Mechanized Division related things here.
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A_CL_OVERLORD said May 02, 2012 08:37:41
Bootcamps will be completed soon.
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susskai said May 06, 2012 16:33:20
I will make a 3 day boot camp just to get into the clan to show their loyalty and dedication before they even become a PVT

Day 1)

Part 1: Weapons explaining what they are and all the and shooting ranges all around forge world with Snipers, DMR's, Pistols, Assault rifles, Rockets, Spartan Lasers, and Grenade launchers.

Part 2: Climbing to show agility and understanding of how their players moves, and good judgement, Their will be 2 towers to climb, 3 walls, and a course.

Part 3: Armour Ability's part 1 this involved a sprint course and a evade course which will challenge how and when is best to use the armour ability though out the course to get the fastest time.

Day 2)

Part 1: Armour ability's Part 2 courses using, Armour lock, invisibility, and jet pack, armour lock course will be like a when to use armour lock when a vehical is coming to splatter you and how it can help in a fight also we can have a like course where they have to get from one side to another without dying while the officer is firing rockets at them, invisibility course will be like a moving though a building without being spotted with 3-4 guards passing though the corridors, jet pack training will be simple just to a jet pack course and maybe a drop off on judgement from a falcon and them having to land on cones and smaller objects. (some of these can go into Armour ability training 1 if there isn't enough room)

Part 2:Ground vehical training will be a small gauss hog range, small wraith range, ghost splatter course and a mini warthog course.

Part 3: Air vehical training will be a falcon course banshee course falcon attack run and a banshee fight.

Day 3:

Part 1: Breach and clear training will have 3 buildings to clear, from an air drop clear an open village using different weapons and armour ability's.

Part 2: Arena's 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and so on depends on how many recruits there are I have got the map already.

Part 3: Attack the bases 3-4 bases clearing them one after the other each one gives you better equipment the harder the bases get.
Mechanized Divison
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